What is Rebounding On A Mini Trampoline and How It Works Wonder For You.

Trampoline workout which is working out on a mini-trampoline, which can also sometimes known as a rebounder, is an effective and convenient way to get fit. The only equipment you need to do trampoline exercise is a trampoline and a small space.

There are a variety of exercises that are done to target specific muscles or just to improve cardiovascular function. However, jumping on a Trampoline is unique as it uses both acceleration and deceleration to work on every cell in your body in a distinctive way.

Several actions happen when jumping or rebounding on a trampoline. First, you accelerate as you bounce up. Then, there is an instance of a weightless pause at the top before you decelerate at an increased G-force back to the mat. After your impact, you repeat this rebounding sequence.

So how does Trampoliné Fitness™️ helps with its unique teaching methodology which no others have.

In every carefully structured lesson, our well-trained Trampoliné Fitness™️ Official Trainer / Instructor will work you with 8-10 mins of warm up focusing on increasing heart rate and muscular controlling moves, bringing in upbeat and rhythmic tracks. With that, it will be progressed to a increased intensity 8-10 mins non-stop keeping the heart pumping and strengthening the muscle as it goes. Another 10 mins of fun and cardio jumps and a mini rest of about 20-30 seconds for water, wipe down andbreathe-breaks, keeping in mind to stay on the trampoline and still allow simple bounces not to encourage blood pooling.

With that the class will get ready for a 15 mins of HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training, which will leave participants to a drenching max-out workout. This will definitely leave one with exhilaration pushing one to his / her limits.

Right after a quick wipe and a swig of water, the class will be led into a fun 10 mins of dance and  fun tracks, focusing on control, speed and  more challenging moves of turns and regulating one-leg balance moves or even some Latin dance moves and twists. Before one knows it, the session closes off with a conditioning segment and calisthenics. The body get stretches andmuscles get relieved.