Trampoliné Fitness ™

A new found Fitness craze… our team of fit, totally dedicated  and passionate Instructors, who aspire to spare no expense, delivering one of the world’s most powerful & effective workout which is gentle on the joints, knees & back. A totally high intensity and low-impact for everyone!

Our motto is to provide an all rounded fun and consistently progressive workout… Our Mission is to create a fitter planet whereby anyone can work out a sweat either by means of just a simple technique jump or a session laced with choreographed moves or jumping with dance moves & Latin / Pop rhythms. The team is here to breed legends!

Trampoliné Fitness™ is created by (Anthony Kerridge) a fitness fanatic who believe a fit and healthy lifestyle is for everybody be it young or old, creating the studio into a playground for all. Get ready to burn tons of calories and glow with sweat!

Trampoliné Fitness™ is a dynamic fitness training system, conducted on personalised trampolines. The basis of Trampoliné Fitness™ jumping is a combination of systematic fast and slow jumps, dynamic sprints and power elements. A one-hour session is a mesh combination with balancing elements for perfect cardio training and powered jumps activating over 400 muscles especially the cores.

Want to know why most people join the trampoline class with us?