The first requirement for becoming an active Trampoliné Fitness instructor is – naturally – physical fitness, strength and conditioning. It will be a plus point for one who is fun and loves music.

If you are already active as a Group Fitness (GX) instructor, you can certainly adapt your knowledge and experience to Trampoliné Fitness. However, if you have had a career as, for example, a dancer, it is likely that you also already have a good foundation to becoming a successful Trampoliné Fitness instructor.

The basic pre-requisite to take up Trampoliné Fitness is a successfully completed Trampoliné Fitness Basic training program, in which you will learn the basic techniques, understanding the execution and application for the different moves and muscle groups. Trainees will be trained with music

Trampoliné Fitness ™ Instructor Training are conducted and handled worldwide by professional Master trainers. Trampoliné Fitness ™ is simple, direct and non-complicated choreographed steps and is suitable for everyone.

Certified Instructors can easily execute a full hour class with elements of fun and full deliverance of all possible benefits to anyone’s muscular developments and metabolic levels. The benefits are many folds as one takes the exercise on a regular weekly

Career Pathways:

  • Well supported with a local MT
  • program is always with progressions
  • Trainings are twice yearly definitely.
  • New modules / training materials
  • Other value-added modules and trainings – Kids TF & TF Plus
  • Workshops
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